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Intuitive Interactions

No user manual required to get started ! Install, play and go live in one moment! Keyboard shortcuts can be customized too!

Multiple Formats

Support of Advanced SubStation Alpha (SSA, ASS, .ass), Subrip (.srt), DCP (.xml), and simple text (*.txt) subtitles.

Crash proof

Its robustness has been successful on many cinema festivals and operas since 2011 : subtitling should never fail in live!

Automatic & Manual

Its particular strength lies in the control of the projection, with a very good cooperation between automatic and manual modes.

Its semi-automatic mode without timecodes also allows to project supertitles at theaters (or opera, ballets, concerts, speeches, museums, guide tours, and any other live events...).

Operas, Theaters & Events

Companies & Organizations

Cinema Festivals

Ubuntu Linux

$0/ Free

  • Open Source
  • Automatic updates

Note: Subtivals remains a Free and Open Source Software, released under the GNU Public License.
We sell the one-click installers on proprietary operating systems, in order to finance the development and promote GNU/Linux !

Subtitles for Film Festivals

Subtivals became a very popular software at cinema festivals, not only for international captioning but also for accessibility.

Projecting real-time electronic subtitles is also known as soft-titling (soft-titles), surtitling (surtitles), supertitling (supertitles). It consists in showing the virtual subtitles above the projected movie.

Classic setup

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